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Philips Combats Bad Economy with Hyper-Specialized TV for Elitist CinemaScope Snobs

It seems like odd timing for an odd product like this, but Philips has announced their Cinema 21:9 flat-panel HDTV with an aspect ratio of 2.4:1 that matches CinemaScope movies. With it, you’ll be able to set up a second home theater inĀ  your mansion just to watch things like Close Encounters or Casino Royale […]

Government Snickers as it Plans to Delay DTV Transition. Again.

Not only has President Obama not yet fixed the economy (yes, I’m kidding), but now he’s messing with our HDTV by promoting and agreeing to a bill, authored by Senate Commerce Committe Chairman Jay Rockefellar, to push back the DTV transition date from February 17th to June 12th. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. If […]

LG Debuts 55″ LHX LED-Backlit LCD TV at CES

If the acronym bingo in the subject line hasn’t made you flee in terror, keep reading, because this is an interesting piece of tech from LG. Aside from being LED-backlit like a few other high-end LCD TVs these days, the LHX is also just under an inch thin, thanks to LG removing the tuner components, […]

Hook Up Your Wii to Their Wooo. Heh heh.

Sorry, Westerners, only the Japanese will get to connect their Wiis to their Wooos, in what sounds like some kind of digital age naughty party. Hitachi unveiled their Wooo UT Series flat-panel HDTV line featuring things like 120Hz video processing, iVDR ports and even a 250GB hard drive. Hmm. We don’t have hard drives in […]

LG Announces New LED-Backlit LCD TV

Not even two weeks after Samsung’s announcement of their new Series 9 LED-backlit TVs, rival LG has announced their own version. Sporting a 47″ screen, the now-obligatory “1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio”, a 178-degree viewing angle, 120MHz video, 24p cinema mode and 3 HDMI-CEC inputs, the LG 47LG90 even has a “unique teardrop design” with “blue […]

Samsung Unleashes Bevy of HDTV Wonderfulness

If my wife and I hadn’t just had a baby, right now I’d be in NY at Samsung’s annual product showcase, where I would have seen, in person, these drool-worthy new products. The quick list is new Touch of Color LCD monitors, Series 7 Plasma HDTVs, Series 8 LCD HDTVs and Series 9 LED-backlit (yesss!!!!) […]