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Windows Phone 7 Series Is Really, Really Beautiful

Sure, none of us has used it yet, but the same was true when Apple first demo’d the iPhone. But based on what we’re seeing here, Microsoft has gone way past everybody else, including Apple, to dream up and deliver something truly new and wonderful. And if the above isn’t enough, there’s a longer hands-on […]

Sony-Ericsson’s Rachel Android Phone Video Makes Rachel Look Like Fun

But you be the judge…

T3 Reveals the 01 Phone Mk3, Increases Gadget Lust Factor

While the rest of the world talks about the iPhone and the G1 and the Palm Pre, we’ve had our sights set squarely on T3’s previously ficticious 01 Phone since the very first day we got wind of it. Now, T3’s revealed the Mk3 version of the 01 Phone and, perhaps, renamed it Hero (speculation, […]

T3’s 01 Phone Update Revealed…Looking Even Better!

As you know, we jumped on the story of T3’s “secret” 01 Phone project when they first posted a mysterious entry about it a few months back. And we were delighted to learn that they actually had a desire to produce it, working with design firm The Alloy, and asking interested parties to sign a […]

Does Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Have What it Takes?

In a word: Probably not. Ok, fine, that’s two words. And actually, the 5800 has some pretty tasty specs: 3.2″ 640×360 touchscreen, 3.2MP camera with dual-LED flash, autofocus & Carl Zeiss lens, GPS, WiFi, a proper headphone jack and a microSD slot with an 8GB card tucked in there…unlocked for under $400 when it goes […]

T3 Wishes Their 01 Phone Is Real

So, if you’ll remember, we picked up on T3’s fake 01 Phone website and story when it first hit a while back. Seems that it was a nicely-rendered plea to cellphone manufacturers to get off their butts and put all the stuff that’s available, technologically, into a single device that gives users everything we want. […]

Note to Apple: Fire your Backup Programmers, Get New Ones

I would love to report on the greatness of the iPhone 3G’s 2.1 firmware update, but I can’t, because for the last hour-plus, the little status bar showing backup progress has been running. My backup has never taken an hour. I also don’t think that the 9GB of data on my iPhone would even come […]

Teddy Bear Phone Will Maul Your Wallet

Sure, the idea of a teddy bear phone is cute. And in fact, there are other uses for such a thing outside of cuteness. Follow along with us here: Let’s say a group of international spies breaks into your home in the middle of the night, going from room to room rounding up all the […]

Today in Mobiles: August 14, 2008

Samsung E200 Eco This new handset has a case made entirely from bioplastic, which is derived from corn. Use of bioplastic eliminates harmful substances from the manufacturing process & thus the environment (ultimately) like lead, cadmium and mercury. As a bonus, you can heat it up and pour melted butter and salt over it to […]

Ericsson, Sony Ericsson to Star in Quantum of Solace, Your Spy Fantasies

“Right! Now listen up, double-0-7, because this mobile has one or two rather special features!” Ahh, he may be gone, but Desmond Llewelyn will never be forgotten as the perpetually-mistrusting Q, now, will he? I can just hear him in my head explaining the Sony Ericsson C902 Titanium Silver edition phone that’ll be prominently featured […]