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Windows Phone 7 Series Is Really, Really Beautiful

Sure, none of us has used it yet, but the same was true when Apple first demo’d the iPhone. But based on what we’re seeing here, Microsoft has gone way past everybody else, including Apple, to dream up and deliver something truly new and wonderful. And if the above isn’t enough, there’s a longer hands-on […]

Apple Refreshes Mac Lineup

Here’s the press release, which says it all, but wow, a 27″ iMac? That’s large. Other new things: Wireless Magic Mouse (dumb name) and available i5 / i7 processors, which is good. Hit the clicky thingie to read the full release…

Guild Wars 2: A Few More Details

From the interview with the GW2 team over at Eurogamer, we’ve gleaned a few more details on GW2: There will be crafting! The entire quest system will be based on ArenaNet’s new events system, so there won’t be the familiar exclamation points above quest-givers’ heads anymore. This is sounding more like a cross between a […]

First Official Avatar Trailer Online

For the next 4 months, I’m going to have to work pretty hard not to hear too much about Avatar. I know it won’t be easy, as it never is for big movies, but I don’t like having things spoiled at all, so I generally avoid movie rumors and spoilers like the plague. With that […]

Guild Wars 2 Preview Video!

Here it is, folks: The first official videos of Guild Wars 2. The clip starts out with a voiceover on top of a motion comics-style animated sequence, but about 1/3 of the way in, transitions to actual game engine footage and it is amazing. All of the creativity that went into Guild Wars to make […]

Guild Wars 2: The First Official Stuff in Nearly Two Years!

Yup, ArenaNet posted some concept art on their Guild Wars 2 Facebook page today, and it’s pretty fantastic. If you played the original Guild Wars, the style should be familiar from the zone loading screens. And you should also know, then, that the concept art was pretty spectacularly-rendered in-game as well. It’s so great to […]

Ferrari’s Gorgeous New 458 Italia: Molto Impressionante!

You know, I’m much more a Lamborghini guy than a Ferrari guy. And it’s a Ferrari, which means it’ll be fast and sexy and red but probably break down a lot. But wow, this is one gorgeous example of automotive design right here folks. The 458 Italia is replacing the F430 and will be powered […]

Dangit! Earl Not Moving to TBS After All

Well, THR has the sad news…Earl isn’t moving to TBS due to budget concerns. Total drag, as the show was consistently funny. And, it’s yet another great show that just didn’t make it. I suppose this is the fallout from having a zillion channels and having the viewership spread out over all of them. Choice […]

Miley Cyrus to Ink Half a BILLION Dollar Deal to Play…Gidget?

See the young lady on the surfboard above? That would be Miley Cyrus. Or Hannah Montana as a gajillion kiddies know her and love her. A source last night informed pause.com that the young Ms. Cyrus may be involved in a six-picture deal to play Gidget (made famous in a 1959 film by Sandra Dee, and […]

Review: Plants vs. Zombies

If you listen to our podcast (which you should), hearing that I’m a PopCap fan isn’t much of a surprise. I really dig the way they put so much more into their games than you expect. Sometimes it’s little things, sometimes it’s big things. Sometimes it’s stuff that’s just entirely unexpected. And sometimes, in the […]