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Not even two weeks after Samsung’s announcement of their new Series 9 LED-backlit TVs, rival LG has announced their own version. Sporting a 47″ screen, the now-obligatory “1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio”, a 178-degree viewing angle, 120MHz video, 24p cinema mode and 3 HDMI-CEC inputs, the LG 47LG90 even has a “unique teardrop design” with “blue color accents”, clearly making a move both toward’s Sammy’s Series 9 and its Touch of Color design language. More info and pricing after the clicky thingie…

The unit has an SRP of $3,599 (compared with the Samsung’s $3,199 price tag for the 46″ version). Curiously, the product sheet for the 47LG90 lists a line item for “Life Span (Typical)” with no data, just a ‘-‘ character. Either this means they didn’t want to tell us, or they expect us to believe that it’ll last forever. Or, more likely, that somebody forgot to proofread it.

Any way you look at it, the more LED-backlit TVs that there are on the market, the better it is for all of us, as this tech rocks and it’ll be that much better when volume rises and pricing drops enough to make it outright replace fluoro panels altogether. At least until OLED and FED take over.