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Ridiculously Cool Rubik’s Cube-Solving LEGO Mindstorms Robot

I love LEGO. But I’m nowhere near smart enough to build something this amazingly cool. A Rubik’s Cube-solving LEGO Mindstorms robot that can solve any random cube in about 20 turns or, in the case of the example here, about 10.75 seconds. Brilliant.

Episode 29: The pause.com Entertainment Podcast

Episode 29 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live! NOTE: To subscribe to the pause.com Entertainment Podcast on iTunes Click here to open iTunes to our podcast, then click the SUBSCRIBE button. In this episode: In Video Games, Lou talks a little bit more about Warhammer Online, and Tony talks about Occurro on the iPhone. In TV (~14:50) Tony talks […]

LEGO & Disney Reunite; Sets Due Next Year

Aww, what a nice Valentine’s surprise! Two of my favorite things (no, not chocolate & peanut butter) are back together again, according to a blurb on MarketWatch. Starting next year, LEGO will release sets based on three Disney properites: Pixar’s Toy Story and Cars, and the upcoming live-action Disney film Prince of Persia. Which means […]

LEGO Announces 10193 Medieval Market Village for 2009, Castle Fans Weep with Joy

Ahhhh, now THAT is a cool castle set! Ok, sure, it doesn’t have a baseplate unifying the set. And LEGO’s box art obnoxiously includes a bushel of hay for that there horsie to eat, but come ON this set rocks! All sorts of details are throughout, with nice use of traditionally non-castle pieces (such as […]

Happy 31st, er, 30th Birthday, LEGO Mini-Fig!

According to LEGO, today’s the 30th anniversary of the world-famous minifigure. I’m not sure how that’s the case since the first sets with mini-figs started showing up in the U.S. in ’77, but I’ll play along. You may have already heard that there’s a dedicated website for this most plasticky of birthday parties at gominimango.com, […]

OMG! New LEGO Town (!), Farm (!!) and Pirates (!!!!!!!) Sets on the Way

Pirates was always my favorite specialty theme (well, tied with Space). Heck, I still have all of the original Pirates sets. All of the ones released mass market in the U.S. anyway. And a few others. So it’s with much joy that we hear that Pirates are making a comeback for 2009! Thanks to a […]

LEGO Taj Majal Available for Pre-Order!

The world of LEGO keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? Although the original in Agra, India, was completed 360 years ago, you’ll have to wait until September 15th to even start yours. The 10189 Taj Majal just became available for pre-order at LEGO’s website. Even better, this 5,922-piece set has one of the best […]

First LEGOLAND Discovery Center in U.S. Opening Monday!

When the LEGOLAND Discovery Center opens this coming Monday, July 28th in Schaumburg, IL, it’ll be the first one in the U.S. It’s a 30,000 square-foot LEGO wonderland where parents can take their kids to see awesome, large-scale models, see how LEGO bricks are made and much more. But best of all, it’s the coolest […]

LEGOLAND Goes Green. And Tall.

Do you yearn for the good ol’ days in LEGOLAND? No, I don’t mean the amusement park in Denmark. I’m talking about the real deal. The Town sets that LEGO released between ’78 and about ’96 when everything started to get “juniorized”. If you’ve fallen into your second Dark Ages because of a lack of […]

Amazing LEGO Death Star has Split Personality

This September your dreams will finally come true, provided that your dreams entail re-enacting scenes from Star Wars and Return of the Jedi with a single, ginormous LEGO Death Star diorama. Yes, LEGO has announced a spectacular, 3803-piece set (10188 Death Star) to be released on September 16th.