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LG Abandoning Plasma? T3 Says LG Says ‘Probably not, but maybe…’

News surfaced on Japan Press Network’sĀ 47News website, (translate it with the translator of your choice) that, according to an LG VP, if sales of plasma TVs don’t pick up, LG might abandon the technology. That news made its way around the blogosphere in pretty quick fashion, along with the inevitible comments about how, with Pioneer […]

LG Debuts 55″ LHX LED-Backlit LCD TV at CES

If the acronym bingo in the subject line hasn’t made you flee in terror, keep reading, because this is an interesting piece of tech from LG. Aside from being LED-backlit like a few other high-end LCD TVs these days, the LHX is also just under an inch thin, thanks to LG removing the tuner components, […]

LG Announces New LED-Backlit LCD TV

Not even two weeks after Samsung’s announcement of their new Series 9 LED-backlit TVs, rival LG has announced their own version. Sporting a 47″ screen, the now-obligatory “1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio”, a 178-degree viewing angle, 120MHz video, 24p cinema mode and 3 HDMI-CEC inputs, the LG 47LG90 even has a “unique teardrop design” with “blue […]

LG To Release Netflix-Streaming Blu-Ray Player, Sony Heard Crying

Tonight LG officially introduced their BD300 Blu-Ray player with Netflix streaming, which does exactly what you’d think it does: It plays Blu-Ray movies. It let’s you watch streamedĀ movies from Netflix. It makes you the coolest person on your block. More after the clicky thingie…