Entries for October, 2008

Pop Sci Takes a Deeper Look at the Terrafugia Transition

Terrafugia – and Popular Science – are quick to point out that the Transition isn’t a flying car. It’s a roadable aircraft. And while not nearly as cool looking as Moller’s SkyCar, the Transition will supposedly ACTUALLY be available next year for the low, low, LOW price of just $194,000. Read more after the clicky […]

Mercury Photographed Up Close, Does Amazing Impersonation of Moon

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft started taking detailed pictures of the surface of Mercury┬árecently from an altitude of just 125 miles and captured a boatload of pretty great photos, including this one. Small, hot, and looking remarkably similar to the Moon, Mercury makes for some nifty pictures, although I won’t deny that I’m disappointed that there aren’t […]

Nakheel Tower Makes Burj Dubai Cry

As if the 800m-tall Burj Dubai wasn’t tall enough, developer Nakheel has announced plans for an inner-city harbour development project, the centerpiece of which would be a building over a full kilometer in height. A spokesman for Nakheel – the same company responsible for The World – cautiously commented on the project, according to the […]

Depression, Schmepression: Alfa Sells Out 8C in U.S.

While plenty of people are panicking about the tumbling stock market and general financial / economic situation here and abroad, Alfa Romeo is not one of those people. Maserati dealers in the U.S. have begun taking orders for Alfa’s ridiculously hot 8C Competizione. And have stopped taking orders, since they’re all already spoken for. Damn. […]

Sonic Blast from the Central-American Past

Feeling like your PMP is pumping out the jams in a manner that’s a bit too contemporary? Or a bit too, you know, boring? Then check out the Mexico Minigod vinyl speaker by marka27. A collectible vinyl figure that just happens to have a speaker, amp (battery- or AC-powered) and 3.5mm headphone jack, the Mexico […]

Tameer Makes Keeping Up with the Joneses Impossible

Remember your first flat-panel TV? You thought you were the shiznit with that bad-boy, until some guy a couple doors down got one bigger, thinner and high-definitionier than yours. Which kinda ticked you off. Then, around Thanksgiving, you one-upped him. And the battle of the bigscreen LEDs continues between you and your neighbor to this […]

LEGO Announces 10193 Medieval Market Village for 2009, Castle Fans Weep with Joy

Ahhhh, now THAT is a cool castle set! Ok, sure, it doesn’t have a baseplate unifying the set. And LEGO’s box art obnoxiously includes a bushel of hay for that there horsie to eat, but come ON this set rocks! All sorts of details are throughout, with nice use of traditionally non-castle pieces (such as […]

Nintendo DSi Officially Officialized

Supposedly due to pressure from internet rumors, Nintendo made a wee-early-in-the-morning (well, here in the U.S. anyway) press announcement┬áto unveil the next version of their handheld gaming platform. Featuring two cameras (one inside the hinge and one on the outside / back), an MP3 player and web browser, the DSi will also allow gamers to […]

Does Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Have What it Takes?

In a word: Probably not. Ok, fine, that’s two words. And actually, the 5800 has some pretty tasty specs: 3.2″ 640×360 touchscreen, 3.2MP camera with dual-LED flash, autofocus & Carl Zeiss lens, GPS, WiFi, a proper headphone jack and a microSD slot with an 8GB card tucked in there…unlocked for under $400 when it goes […]

SmartSwim UV Ray Detecting Bikini Goes to 11

October is the PERFECT time to tell you about the SmartSwim bikini from Solestrom. Why? Because with the weather getting chilly, fast, it’ll be months before you see a sight like this in real life. The fact that the beads on the bikini ties and bra color-change to indicate the amount of harmful UV rays […]