Entries for August, 2008

Fallout 3 Gameplay Videos Updated

The more we see of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic version of Oblivion shooter, the more we can’t wait to play it. Check out the gamplay videos on the official site’s Downloads page. Still crossing my fingers that the PC version will have a suitably PC-specific interface, but crossing my fingers is where it ends…holding my breath, I […]


Sometimes “duh” is the only thing you need to say, such as in this case. Why nobody thought of this before now, and before Leviton, is curious at best. They’ll run ya about $15 at a hardware store or $5-$10 on eBay. Leviton via Toolmonger via Boing Boing Gadgets

Asus Bamboo Notebook Lets You Feel Good While It Looks Good

I’m a big fan of incorporating bamboo into everyday products. Well, not all everyday products. Bubble gum, for instance, would be a bad one. But I digress… Just as Dell did with their Studio Hybrid mini computer, Asus has clad their Bamboo Series notebooks in the versatile grass. The high-end version features a 12.1″ screen […]

Use Galactic Throne to Make Geeky Heads Explode!

Ok, so let’s just pretend that you’ve got $5,500 lying around and that, of all the people with said cash lying around, you’re one of the first five to head over to Tom Spina Designs and press the Add to Cart button. Once you get this custom-made metal and leather “galactic throne” into your swingin’ […]

Audi A7 Rendered in Jaw-Dropping Gorgeousness

It’s been known for some time that Audi’s been planning a car to compete with the wildly successful Mercedes CLS “coupe” (a designation which, at the very least, I find annoying). Questionable labels aside, the recent announcement that Audi plans to ignore the current trend in downsizing and model dropping due to climbing fuel prices […]

Is This the Lanspeeder Replicar You’re Looking For?

It doesn’t actually hover – or swing around on a crane boom – but this custom-made, actual-size Landspeeder replicar will cruise along at a modest 25mph on its electric drive system. Built by Daniel Deutsch, the Landspeeder is primarily fiberglass on a custom aluminum chassis and even has custom lights and sounds to mimic what […]

Target Settles Class Action Lawsuit to the Tune of $6 Million

Target will pay $6 million in settlement dollars due to a class action lawsuit with the National Federation of the Blind over accessibility to Target’s website. It seems the court didn’t appreciate Target’s rebuttal to the lawsuit, which was “What difference does it make?! How are they even gonna find a computer in the first […]

Microsoft Has Secret New Blue Tech Up its Collective Sleeve

No, we’re not talking about IE8’s InPrivate mode again, although we can see why you’d be confused, what with the ‘blue’ reference and all. Perv. While you grumble in disappointment, I’ll continue by saying that MS first teased us with an animation on their hardware site. Then, it was spread across the net that Amazon […]

Nikon D90: First DSLR to Shoot HD Video

Nikon’s forthcoming D90 has been officially unveiled and the Next Big Thing has as well: That being that it’ll shoot 720p (or 1080i) HD video. The thought of being able to swap out lenses on an HD video camera is pretty sweet in and of itself, but coupled with the fact that you’re also doing […]

Fingertongs Protect Fingers & Knuckles, Jeopardize Guests’ Tolerance for Repetitive Silliness

The Fingertongs, from fusionbrands, are a pretty nice idea: A wearable duckbill-looking silicone kitchen gadget that allows you to use your hands rather directly to move, pick up, turn or serve all manner of piping hot culinary treats rather than having to resort to the use of those tired old “regular” tongs. Provided your definition […]