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Episode 8: The pause.com Entertainment Podcast

EpisodeĀ 8 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live! NOTE: To subscribe to the pause.com Entertainment Podcast on iTunes Click here to open iTunes to our podcast, then click the SUBSCRIBE button. In this episode: After answering some listener e-mail Tony talks about Killzone 2 and Lou mentions Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. In TV (~14:30) Lou talks […]

LG Abandoning Plasma? T3 Says LG Says ‘Probably not, but maybe…’

News surfaced on Japan Press Network’sĀ 47News website, (translate it with the translator of your choice) that, according to an LG VP, if sales of plasma TVs don’t pick up, LG might abandon the technology. That news made its way around the blogosphere in pretty quick fashion, along with the inevitible comments about how, with Pioneer […]

Samsung Unleashes Bevy of HDTV Wonderfulness

If my wife and I hadn’t just had a baby, right now I’d be in NY at Samsung’s annual product showcase, where I would have seen, in person, these drool-worthy new products. The quick list is new Touch of Color LCD monitors, Series 7 Plasma HDTVs, Series 8 LCD HDTVs and Series 9 LED-backlit (yesss!!!!) […]