Entries for June, 2008

Indy 4 Pop-Tarts Packaging Includes Dubious Warnings, Missing Important Ones

I’m a fan of entertainment-themed snacks. We probably still have a few boxes of Pac-Man Cereal around here somewhere (Note: “stays crispy in milk” does NOT apply after 25 years). So I was eager to smack down some hard-earned cash for this box of “Printed Fun” Pop-Tarts with everybody’s favorite swashbuckling archaeologist. And then I […]

Blizzard Announces Diablo III

Woohoo, Diablo III is coming! Featuring Havok-based physics, partially randomly-put-together environments, object destruction and five character classes, any of which can be played as male or female, Blizzard looks to continue their trend of being the #1 developer of “Gauntlett on Crack in HD” games.

WALL-E Extra

Ok, so you may have read our review of Pixar’s latest & greatest, WALL-E, but there’s a bit more to tell. At the AMC theater where yours truly snuck off to during lunch to catch the flick, they were giving away free WALL-E digital watches with every ticket. My ticket, seeing as how it was […]

Nokia Introduces Supernova Phones for The Ladies

Nokia announced today a swanky new line of mobiles for the fairer sex (that would be women, just FYI) called Supernova. Well, they didn’t really announce that they’re for women, and in fact specifically mentioned men, but that’s probably only for the dudes who see the 7610 Supernova, think it’s really cool looking, then read […]

Topia HUVO Prototype Latest Addition to Electric Bubble-Car Craze

This bubblicious little one-seater was on display at Japan’s Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo, according to Tech-On. Obviously not a car show, the HUVO was shown because of the new manufacturing processes used to create the prototype, which include systems designed to fabricate the high-tensile steel plate using precision press molds and 3D laser […]

Possibly Bogus Info with More-Bogus Photo re: iPhone MMS

Gizmodo says that Boy Genius says that iPhone Atlas says that AT&T says that the iPhone will have MMS. What’s funny is that the screenshots circulating regarding this suspicious news don’t appear with the original story on iPhone Atlas. I’m not including links to any of them because, you know, it’s fun to make people […]

WALL-E Will Roll Into Your Heart

I probably have been looking forward to WALL-E, Pixar’s latest CGI feature that opened today, more than just about any other movie this year (including Indy 4 since I used my psychic powers to predict that it would pretty much suck). Ok, I should say right now that there might be one or two things […]

Bye Bye, Bill! Trey Has Left the Building

Wow. Bill Gates’ last day at work. You have to wonder if the company gave him a watch or something. If not, I think I know where he can get one. Anyway… Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if EVERYbody hates Microsoft, or if it’s just that Microsoft fans are sorta quiet. Well, I can […]

Mio’s Moov 380 Also a Cell Phone

Mio has announced what they’re calling the “lightest connected PND on the market”. That would be Personal Navigation Device for those of you not up on your Buzzword Bingo™. And what it means is that the Moov 380 can act like a cell phone that’s also acting like a web browser. Cuz it’ll do all […]

XBox 360 Premium About to Get a Price Cut

Somebody over on the HiDefDigest forums posted some scans of a K-Mart flyer that show the XBox 360 Premium at $299. Good news for all of you frugal shoppers (read: cheapskates) who’ve been waiting to join in the fun.