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This Week In…Refrigerators?

Hey, don’t laugh! The refrigerator is largely responsible for you not getting food poisoning, botulism, scurvy,¬†conjuctivitis, sprained ankles¬†and a whole host of other nasty gastrointestinal havoc wreakers. Yet, while many technophiles would happily jump to spending $2k on a new, cool laptop, the lowly fridge is usually only replaced when we move or remodel. So […]

Hook Up Your Wii to Their Wooo. Heh heh.

Sorry, Westerners, only the Japanese will get to connect their Wiis to their Wooos, in what sounds like some kind of digital age naughty party. Hitachi unveiled their Wooo UT Series flat-panel HDTV line featuring things like 120Hz video processing, iVDR ports and even a 250GB hard drive. Hmm. We don’t have hard drives in […]