Entries for July, 2008

It’s Official: Water on Mars!

NASA confirmed today that a soil sample collected Wednesday by the Phoenix Mars Lander contained frozen water, or as we like to call it, “ice”. More tests are still to be done, and for now NASA’s saying that there are no traces of living material in the water, but they’re also saying that there’s a […]

LG To Release Netflix-Streaming Blu-Ray Player, Sony Heard Crying

Tonight LG officially introduced their BD300 Blu-Ray player with Netflix streaming, which does exactly what you’d think it does: It plays Blu-Ray movies. It let’s you watch streamed movies from Netflix. It makes you the coolest person on your block. More after the clicky thingie…

Wii + Time = ???

So Nintendo has outed themselves as working on a new console. Some might question the sanity in this since the Wii is still hard to find off and on. On the other hand, Nintendo is lagging behind Sony and MS in terms of hardware specs / graphics capabilities. So what will their next console be? […]

Why Would Apple Put Glass Trackpads on the New MacBooks? Here’s Why…

In the last couple of days, a flurry of speculation has erupted over the rumor that the forthcoming MacBooks will feature glass, multi-touch trackpads. The comment that keeps getting made is that it makes no sense to have glass trackpads unless you need to see what’s underneath them, as in a little screen. “Why would […]

I’ll See Your Robocop and Raise You A Red Sonja

Well, the 80’s remake craze continues.  Director Robert Rodriguez is remaking the Brigitte Nielsen “classic”, Red Sonja, and cast his real life girlfriend, Rose McGowan, in the title role.  Who’s taking the Schwarzenegger cameo role?  Matthew McConaughey?

The classic rock group Boston is back! Well, sorta…

Boston has always been one of rock’s most elusive bands by touring very infrequently, so when they announced a tour this year (just a year after the original lead singer, Brad Delp, committed suicide), it smelled as if someone may need some money.  Following the lead of some other classic rock acts, Boston turned to […]

Dell’s Studio Hybrid is Here in Rainbow Colors. And Grass.

If you’re looking for a PC to distinguish yourself from the crowd and the HP TouchSmart is too big for your space, consider Dell’s spiffy new Studio Hybrid. A wee little thing at just 7.7″ tall, 8.3″ deep and 2.8″ wide, it’s 80% smaller than a standard desktop PC and uses 70% less power than […]

New Exotic / Concept Car Roundup Makes Us Want to Rob Banks

As if there wasn’t already too much cool shiznit available on which to spend all the money we don’t have, along come stories like these below to heap another gazillion dollars worth of driveable fantasies on our poor shoulders. Hit the clicky thingie to see my least- to most-favorite of this group:

Perfect Gift for that Super-Lazy Pizza Lover!

If there’s one retailer that could always rival Sharper Image for overpriced crapola, it’s SkyMall…that place with the catalogs that you flip through while you’re pretending not to be nervous about that sound coming from under your plane while you’re waiting to take off. So get a load of this $20 constraption (yes, that was […]

Gateway: Online Sales No More

Whether for myself, friends, family or places I’ve worked, I’ve purchased probably 100 computers from Gateway since 1990. They were one of about a zillion online retailers back then, but over time that huge crowd thinned out somewhat into a few major players, with Gateway and Dell ending up at the top head of the […]