Entries for September, 2008

Ghostbusters III Update

Our source passed along more info today, namely that while most of what we presented before in terms of casting is supposedly solid at this point, Christopher Walken is still listed as being in negotiation. As are Jonah Hill, Sigourney Weaver, Christopher Lee and Gene Wilder (!). Robin Williams, Chevy Chase and Owen Wilson are […]

Finally! The Pac-Man-Inspired Furniture We Never Knew We Needed!

In my dream home, there is an arcade. And in that arcade, there will be a Pac-Man machine: The game so many of us became addicted to while listening to bad ’80s rock in mostly darkened arcades. But unlike those spartanly-decorated amusement parlors of yore, my dream home arcade will definitely have some of these […]

USB Volcano is Cool, Non-Threatening to Pompeii

What’s not to like here?! It’s a crazy USB gadget! It’s a miniature volcano! Your $18 will get you this handsome (read: boring) cylinder full of faux volcano goodness. Once filled with water and “lava beads” and plugged into your computer via USB, you can turn on the high-intensity LED lighting and the fan to […]

Crazy Laptops Make Us Smile

You know, with all the talk of netbooks and mobile phones as computing platforms of late, we were getting a bit nostalgic for good, ol’ fashioned laptop computers. Thankfully, a couple of said devices have surfaced in the last few days that are turning our frown upside down. From Bentley / Ego comes this super-exclusive (250 […]

Automotive Teasing, European Style

It’s bad enough being in Chicago, where the annual Auto Show is little more than a pre-sales experience. But to know that the Paris Motor Show is just around the corner, and that it’ll be host to these three cars, which are infinitely cooler than anything shown off here this past year, is just tragic. […]

AmpLamp: Cool Idea Gives Off Warm Light

Integrating technology with style & design isn’t always easy at home. A nicely designed space with a spaghetti-tangle of wires just doesn’t cut it. That’s why I love products like the AmpLamp. The product of designer Dominic Bromley of Scabetti, who designed it for Futuros, AmpLamp combines a ceramic lamp base with a warm-toned shade […]

Antec Skeleton Looks Hot, Keeps Stuff Cool

I’m not sure the upcoming Antec Skeleton actually qualifies as a computer “case”, thanks to its open-air design, but dayum if it doesn’t look the shiznit. Looking like something you might find in a dark corner of the Sulaco, the Skeleton is made from steel and includes a top-mounted 250mm fan. That and, you know, […]

Google Eyeing Purchase of…Valve?! Thankfully, No.

There was a nasty rumor going ’round today that Google was set to purchase Valve in order to lay its grubby meathooks on Steam, Valve’s game delivery service. Thankfully, the rumor was false (according to Kotaku). Honestly, I don’t care if Google takes over Steam, I just don’t want to hear the announcement that the […]

T3 Wishes Their 01 Phone Is Real

So, if you’ll remember, we picked up on T3’s fake 01 Phone website and story when it first hit a while back. Seems that it was a nicely-rendered plea to cellphone manufacturers to get off their butts and put all the stuff that’s available, technologically, into a single device that gives users everything we want. […]

Chevy Volt Gets Official, Looks…Interesting

I appreciate that Chevy is using the Volt to “usher in GM’s second 100 years” but I just don’t see the Volt being the car to guarantee that proposed longevity. Hit the clicky thingie to read more about the Volt and find out why…