Who you gonna call?

You may have read over on Dread Central that a new Ghostbusters movie is in the works. Well today pause.com talked to a studio insider who not only¬†relayed¬†the same information, including that Steve Carell, Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd are indeed slated to co-star in the film with the original four Ghostbusters, but added that perpetually-unnerving Christopher Walken is going to play a central character…a sort of “evil Warren Buffett” (please, no redundancy jokes folks).

Bill Murray’s screen time, at least, is supposedly going to be a tad on the light side, as he’s agreed to a relatively brief shooting schedule.

No word on whether Annie Potts, Rick Moranis or William Atherton will make appearances, but we’re pretty sure Peter MacNicol won’t be back. Rumor has it he’s still drippings with goo.