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OMG! Own Your Own WALL-E!

Did you leave the theater having fallen in love with WALL-E and wishing that you could have your very own garbage mashing robot? Well now your dreams have been answered! Disney’s shopping site just started taking pre-orders for their Ultimate WALL-E Remote Control Robot! Read more about it after the clicky thingie…

WALL-E Extra

Ok, so you may have read our review of Pixar’s latest & greatest, WALL-E, but there’s a bit more to tell. At the AMC theater where yours truly snuck off to during lunch to catch the flick, they were giving away free WALL-E digital watches with every ticket. My ticket, seeing as how it was […]

WALL-E Will Roll Into Your Heart

I probably have been looking forward to WALL-E, Pixar’s latest CGI feature that opened today, more than just about any other movie this year (including Indy 4 since I used my psychic powers to predict that it would pretty much suck). Ok, I should say right now that there might be one or two things […]