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Guild Wars 2 Video: The City of Lion’s Arch

I’m going to talk about this a bit in the podcast, which we’re recording later today, but I wanted to post this video first. Amazing!

Guild Wars 2 Preview Video!

Here it is, folks: The first official videos of Guild Wars 2. The clip starts out with a voiceover on top of a motion comics-style animated sequence, but about 1/3 of the way in, transitions to actual game engine footage and it is amazing. All of the creativity that went into Guild Wars to make […]

Video: Aion Character Customization with NC’s Lani Blazier

Video Game – E3 2009 – Video Game Trailers So, as you know, I’ve talked about Aion quite a bit on the podcast (Episode 30 recording after lunch!), so I thought I’d share this video with those of you who maybe haven’t seen much of the game so far. Or who don’t believe that cute […]