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USB Spy Pen Poised to Displace Laser Pointer as Annoying Geek Tech de Rigeur

Remember when laser pointers first came out? They were a couple hundred bucks and we thought they were the coolest thing ever, until the price dropped to like $3 and every chucklehead who got drunk before going to the movies had one. Well, prepare for the next great annoying geek tech: This USB spy pen […]

USB Volcano is Cool, Non-Threatening to Pompeii

What’s not to like here?! It’s a crazy USB gadget! It’s a miniature volcano! Your $18 will get you this handsome (read: boring) cylinder full of faux volcano goodness. Once filled with water and “lava beads” and plugged into your computer via USB, you can turn on the high-intensity LED lighting and the fan to […]