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New TRON Legacy Trailer Online

If you’ve seen Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, you’ve probably seen this, but since I haven’t yet, I hadn’t. And now I have. Bruce Boxleitner overacts. There’s somebody in white doing something that looks like playing the guitar, but not with a guitar. Those things scare me. The rest of this makes me pretty excited […]

New TRON (TRON 2? TR2N?) Signs Lead Actor

Hollywood Reporter has, uh, reported that the new TRON film (as they’re saying it’s being called, rather than TRON 2 or the amazingly-annoying TR2N) has found a lead actor in Garrett Hedlund. Even more interesting, perhaps, is that the article also confirms that Jeff Bridges is in fact onboard to reprise his role as Flynn, […]

Tron 2.0 Officially Official

After the Comic-Con TRON 2.0 teaser leaked out onto the Net, we contacted reps for Disney who said that there was no official word yet as to whether or not the movie would get made, and that they had no plans to ever show that teaser again. Of course that seemed a bit odd given […]

Bootleg TRON 2 (TR2N) Trailer from ComicCon Hits Net!

Nevermind that even after telling her that the story was just like Wizard of Oz, my Mom still couldn’t understand, after seeing the film, what was going on. And let’s put aside the fact that Kevin Flynn, the most gifted game programmer of all-time, yells “Because, MAN, somewhere in one of these ‘memories’ is the […]