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Episode 37: The pause.com Entertainment Podcast

EpisodeĀ 37 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live! NOTE: To subscribe to the pause.com Entertainment Podcast on iTunes Click here to open iTunes to our podcast, then click the SUBSCRIBE button. In thisĀ episode: In Video Games, Tony talks about the Wolfenstein demo on the 360 (oopsie!) and Squareball for the iPhone. Lou talks about WoW […]

BMW Thinks Outside the Box for Thermaltake; Level 10 Goes to 11

BMW’s DesignworksUSA has come up with this striking PC case for Thermaltake, shown off at CeBIT this week. Rather than stuffing everything into a single, outer case, the Level 10 concept compartmentalizes various aspects of the computer into their own chunks, and the drives are externally mounted in a way. A source at Thermaltake told […]