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T3’s Future Tech Attempts the Best Netpad

I’m sure you remember T3’s 01:Phone…the one that they dreamed up, then got serious about and actually started to turn into a physical reality? While we (outside of Australia) still wait for the day that the 01:Phone is available to the general public, T3 is now hard at work on another piece of future tech. […]

T3’s Super-Cool 01 Phone “Sold” to Australian Victim

We really dig T3’s concept 01 Phone, so much that we’ve covered it every step of the way. And you love it, too…our various posts on the 01 Phone have gotten more traffic than just about anything else! But a malicious Chinese entrepreneur has cashed in on that love in a terrible way: By advertising […]

Asus Eee PC T91: T3 Loves It

The folks at T3 have gotten their paws all over the T91 from Asus, in more way than one. The little 8.9″ rotating touchscreen PC transforms from “ordinary” netbook to tablet computer, complete with Windows XP and Asus’ own Linux-based OS for more touchscreeny usefulness.  It’s just 2 pounds, that there screen is LED-backlit (nice!), […]

LG Abandoning Plasma? T3 Says LG Says ‘Probably not, but maybe…’

News surfaced on Japan Press Network’s 47News website, (translate it with the translator of your choice) that, according to an LG VP, if sales of plasma TVs don’t pick up, LG might abandon the technology. That news made its way around the blogosphere in pretty quick fashion, along with the inevitible comments about how, with Pioneer […]

T3 Reveals the 01 Phone Mk3, Increases Gadget Lust Factor

While the rest of the world talks about the iPhone and the G1 and the Palm Pre, we’ve had our sights set squarely on T3’s previously ficticious 01 Phone since the very first day we got wind of it. Now, T3’s revealed the Mk3 version of the 01 Phone and, perhaps, renamed it Hero (speculation, […]

T3’s 01 Phone Update Revealed…Looking Even Better!

As you know, we jumped on the story of T3’s “secret” 01 Phone project when they first posted a mysterious entry about it a few months back. And we were delighted to learn that they actually had a desire to produce it, working with design firm The Alloy, and asking interested parties to sign a […]

T3 Wishes Their 01 Phone Is Real

So, if you’ll remember, we picked up on T3’s fake 01 Phone website and story when it first hit a while back. Seems that it was a nicely-rendered plea to cellphone manufacturers to get off their butts and put all the stuff that’s available, technologically, into a single device that gives users everything we want. […]

T3 Pretends Their 01 Phone Website is Real

This morning, T3 (which, by the way, we love ’round here) posted a blurb in which they claim to have “stumbled across” the website at www.the01phone.com, which they’re reporting is going to make the iPhone, Nokia N96, Blackberry Bold and Samsung INNOV8 i850 obsolete. Read more after the clicky thingie…