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Bewerp Savage Looks the Business

We see a lot of supercars and supercar¬†concepts come and go, but as these things go, the Bewerp Savage is pretty outstanding. Oh, and it’s actually real. The angular character lines and the crazy door opening mechanisms on the coupe really set it apart from most of the supercars on the road today. The fact […]

Ferrari’s Gorgeous New 458 Italia: Molto Impressionante!

You know, I’m much more a Lamborghini guy than a Ferrari guy. And it’s a Ferrari, which means it’ll be fast and sexy and red but probably break down a lot. But wow, this is one gorgeous example of automotive design right here folks. The 458 Italia is replacing the F430 and will be powered […]

Lamborghini’s Murcielago LP 650-4 Roadster: Positively Bad-Ass

My love affair with Lamborghini started precisely during the opening credits of Cannonball Run, and although I’m generally one to go for a coupe rather than a roadster, there’s no denying how amazing this vehicle looks. A few details and more pix after the clicky thingie…

New Exotic / Concept Car Roundup Makes Us Want to Rob Banks

As if there wasn’t already too much cool shiznit available on which to spend all the money we don’t have, along come stories like these below to heap another gazillion dollars worth of driveable fantasies on our poor shoulders.¬†Hit the clicky thingie to see my least- to most-favorite of this group: