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Sony Style Search Weirdness

Ever get the feeling that that fancy schmancy e-commerce site you’re on was copied / pasted from some other project? Sony might be feeling that right now. Go to http://www.sonystyle.com and do a search for something like a845, like I did when I was trying to find out information about the OLED-screened video Walkman. Yeah. […]

Amazon Sells 80GB PS3 for $349.98, Makes it That Much Harder for You To Be a Non-Blu-ray-Owning Loser

How’s that for sales & marketing tactics? $349 for a Blu-ray player so good, Criterion uses it as their reference standard. And oh, lookie, there’s a next-gen gaming system built-in! How thoughtful of Sony. Plus, Tony will be your best friend if you get Little Big Planet and play it online together. Seriously. Amazon

Sony’s NW-S730F Will Save You $35 on Overpriced Accessories

It’s hard for anybody with an iPod or iPhone to get excited about other brands of MP3 / media players (yes, there are still other brands). But truth be told there are still plenty of people without Apple’s golden child and plenty who won’t buy one because it’s Apple. For those folks, this forthcoming Walkman […]

Sony to Drop Blu-ray Player Pricing Just in Time for…Halloween Season?!

Back to School Season is winding down, and everybody who lives by the Target Calendar knows that Halloween Season is next. And just in time for that, Sony’s lowering its pricing on Blu-ray players, according to HD Guru. In anticipation of the release of a new, higher-end player, the BDP-S550, Sony will be lowering pricing […]

Blu-Ray Announcements for July 2, 2008

On High Def Digest we see that Sony announced today that they’ll bring The Fall to Blu-Ray in September. Warner Brothers, meanwhile, announced that September will also see the release of Adventures of Robin Hood on Blu-Ray.

Blu-Ray Announcements for July 1, 2008

Three new announcements from Sony today for September Blu-Ray releases (thanks to High-Def Digest for these): Jerry Maguire Rudy Married Life All’s I’m sayin is “You had me at 1080p…”