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Sony Style Search Weirdness

Ever get the feeling that that fancy schmancy e-commerce site you’re on was copied / pasted from some other project? Sony might be feeling that right now. Go to http://www.sonystyle.com and do a search for something like a845, like I did when I was trying to find out information about the OLED-screened video Walkman. Yeah. […]

Adobe’s New Content-Aware Fill for Photoshop Seems Unbelievable

If you’ve never used Photoshop, you might think this sort of thing is already going on. The truth is that image manipulation to the degree illustrated here is really tricky & time consuming, and takes a lot of skill. Or at least it used to. Amazing.

Windows 7 is Here!

So today’s the big day. Windows 7 is available to anybody who wants it. That includes me. I like a lot of the stuff they’ve redone since Vista (but I’ll reiterate that I like Vista and think that the bad rap it’s gotten has been mostly because of perception and very little because of reality). […]

Thanks for Deleting All of My Playlists, iTunes!

So last night when I plugged in my iPhone I was notified that there was a minor iTunes update as well as a carrier settings update. I went ahead with both, of course. This morning, ready to face the world on this sunny but cold October day, I plugged in the audio cable in my […]

Customer Service Spanking: Intuit

Ok, true, there’s not much that can be considered entertaining about accounting software, especially if that accounting software is QuickBooks. On the other hand, many of you own or run your own small business and may be no stranger to this horrible piece of software.┬áIntuit deserves a special place on the Customer Service Spanking list […]

Windows 7: How Will It Run On A Cheapo Frankenstein?

Ever since MS released the limited public Beta of Windows 7, the blogosphere has been abuzz with feature lists, mini reviews and, surprisingly, praise. Of course we wanted to see for ourselves what all the hubbub was over, but who would sacrifice their machine for the Beta? It turns out the answer was “Nobody”. Not […]

IE8’s InPrivate Mode Confirmed, Dirtbags Rejoice

It was the ‘woot’ heard round the world. The IE Blog confirmed that IE8 will include a mode called InPrivate that prevents IE from saving data about the sites you go to while in that mode. In other words, it lets porn lovers love their porn without having to remember, when the boss walks in […]