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Episode 36: The pause.com Entertainment Podcast

Episode 36 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live! NOTE: To subscribe to the pause.com Entertainment Podcast on iTunes Click here to open iTunes to our podcast, then click the SUBSCRIBE button. In this episode: In Video Games, Lou talks about Batman: Arkham Asylum and World of Warcraft. Tony talks about Shadow Complex. Then miscellaneous video game […]

Customer Service Spanking: Maxtor

I’m assuming that there’s a reason that Seagate bought Maxtor. I’m also assuming that reliability wasn’t that reason. In the last four years, I’ve had 5 Maxtor One Touch, One Touch II and One Touch III drives fail, including a One Touch III that was doing nothing except clicking when I got into the office […]

Seagate Announces 1.5TB Hard Drive

Seagate today announced the Barracuda 7200.11, a 1.5 TB (that’s terabyte) hard drive – the world’s first. The drive uses Seagate’s perpendicular recording technology to squeeze  1,500 GB (that’s gigabytes) onto a normal 3.5″ disk drive. Normal in size, not capacity. Obviously. To put that in perspective, you could have over 10,000 users on your […]