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Kojiro: A Robot That Moves More Like a Human

Tokyo University’s JSK Robotics Laboratory demonstrates this extremely cool robot that uses about 100 tendon-like control devices to make Kojiro work and move more like a human than other robots.

Japan Gets Closer to Taking Over the World with Robots

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. I’m just saying.

Schmoo-like Nokia Jeppe Domestic Videoconference Bot Will Smile, Set Things on Fire

The website for Jeppe, Nokia’s videoconferencing robot, says plainly that Jeppe is your new best friend. I don’t want to argue with El Capitan of the mobile phone industry, but I can almost assure you that Jeppe is NOT my new best friend. He smiles too much, I always feel like he’s watching me, and […]

WALL-E Will Roll Into Your Heart

I probably have been looking forward to WALL-E, Pixar’s latest CGI feature that opened today, more than just about any other movie this year (including Indy 4 since I used my psychic powers to predict that it would pretty much suck). Ok, I should say right now that there might be one or two things […]