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Kodak’s Zi8: One, Two Punch to the Gut of Flip

I’ve got nothing against the Flip…I gave one to my wife for her birthday this year, and she uses it all the time to take videos of our little boy. Ok, sure, it’s pretty crappy in low-light, it’s “only” 720p and the zoom is a complete waste, seeing as how it destroys any semblance of […]

Kodak’s Zi6 Pocket HD Video Camera Available for Pre-Order

Sure, it’s only 720p, and that switchblade-style USB connector means you’ll probably swear at the thing when trying to connect to at least half the PCs out there, but Kodak’s Zi6 is only $179 and available in black or pink. You know, for girls. I dig the way it looks, but the form factor confuses me…it seems […]