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Guild Wars 2 Exclusive: A Few Questions with Mike O’Brien

I got in touch with ArenaNet head honcho Mike O’Brien &  designer / writier Ree Soesbee to get some clarification on some of the new info about GW2 that’s come out of Gamescom in the last couple of days. They were kind enough to get back to us pretty quickly, despite being knee deep in the GC […]

Review: Plants vs. Zombies

If you listen to our podcast (which you should), hearing that I’m a PopCap fan isn’t much of a surprise. I really dig the way they put so much more into their games than you expect. Sometimes it’s little things, sometimes it’s big things. Sometimes it’s stuff that’s just entirely unexpected. And sometimes, in the […]

Fallout 3 Gameplay Videos Updated

The more we see of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic version of Oblivion shooter, the more we can’t wait to play it. Check out the gamplay videos on the official site’s Downloads page. Still crossing my fingers that the PC version will have a suitably PC-specific interface, but crossing my fingers is where it ends…holding my breath, I […]

Blizzard Announces Diablo III

Woohoo, Diablo III is coming! Featuring Havok-based physics, partially randomly-put-together environments, object destruction and five character classes, any of which can be played as male or female, Blizzard looks to continue their trend of being the #1 developer of “Gauntlett on Crack in HD” games.