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The Jig is Up: The U.S. Gets Royally Screwed on Wireless Fees

If you were kinda thinking that maybe Nigel Powers was onto something with regard to his hatred for the Dutch, here’s the clincher: We pay about 5x more than they do for wireless service. And you can lump the Swedes and Fins in with the Dutch while you’re at it. This is from a story […]

Does Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Have What it Takes?

In a word: Probably not. Ok, fine, that’s two words. And actually, the 5800 has some pretty tasty specs: 3.2″ 640×360 touchscreen, 3.2MP camera with dual-LED flash, autofocus & Carl Zeiss lens, GPS, WiFi, a proper headphone jack and a microSD slot with an 8GB card tucked in there…unlocked for under $400 when it goes […]

Schmoo-like Nokia Jeppe Domestic Videoconference Bot Will Smile, Set Things on Fire

The website for Jeppe, Nokia’s videoconferencing robot, says plainly that Jeppe is your new best friend. I don’t want to argue with El Capitan of the mobile phone industry, but I can almost assure you that Jeppe is NOT my new best friend. He smiles too much, I always feel like he’s watching me, and […]

EC Approves Nokia’s Aquisition of Navteq, Less Happy About Name Change

Nokia issued a press release this morning saying that the European Commission had unconditionally approved their proposed aquisition of Navteq, which Nokia plans to have completed within the next five days. Here’s the text of the press release:

Nokia Introduces Supernova Phones for The Ladies

Nokia announced today a swanky new line of mobiles for the fairer sex (that would be women, just FYI) called Supernova. Well, they didn’t really announce that they’re for women, and in fact specifically mentioned men, but that’s probably only for the dudes who see the 7610 Supernova, think it’s really cool looking, then read […]