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Makes you want to go to Japan…(Update-new Pics)

I was searching on the Nintendo website when I found a post that was titled Black Wii, I squealed with excitement but the link took me the the Japan site for Nintendo. The sales for the Wii are lacking in the foreign state and hopfully their answer is in the new color.  the controller will also be black but the bad news is… […]

XSEED Uses Nintendo DS to Go Back in Time

XSEED announced today their upcoming Nintendo DS title Retrogame Challenge, in which players must defeat the evil Game Master Arino by completing a series of challenges in (ficticious) retro games such as Cosmic Gate (think Galaxian), Haggle Man (a platformer), Rally King (driving game), Star Prince (like Galaga) and Guadia Quest (an 8-bit style RPG). […]

Nintendo DSi Officially Officialized

Supposedly due to pressure from internet rumors, Nintendo made a wee-early-in-the-morning (well, here in the U.S. anyway) press announcement to unveil the next version of their handheld gaming platform. Featuring two cameras (one inside the hinge and one on the outside / back), an MP3 player and web browser, the DSi will also allow gamers to […]

New Nintendo DS to Be Announced Tomorrow?

Uk game site MCV is reporting that Nintendo will announce a new version of the DS tomorrow, guaranteed (their word). Although no specifics are known, word on the street is that the new DS will incorporate PMP functionality (to play MP3s at least) and a camera. Cool. MCV

Wii + Time = ???

So Nintendo has outed themselves as working on a new console. Some might question the sanity in this since the Wii is still hard to find off and on. On the other hand, Nintendo is lagging behind Sony and MS in terms of hardware specs / graphics capabilities. So what will their next console be? […]