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Mercury Photographed Up Close, Does Amazing Impersonation of Moon

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft started taking detailed pictures of the surface of Mercury┬árecently from an altitude of just 125 miles and captured a boatload of pretty great photos, including this one. Small, hot, and looking remarkably similar to the Moon, Mercury makes for some nifty pictures, although I won’t deny that I’m disappointed that there aren’t […]

NASA Moon Probe Launch Delayed

NASA has decided to push back the launch date for it’s Luncar Reconnaissance Orbiter from December to late February. They claim it’s because the February launch window gives them more launch opportunities, relieving pressure from the tighter December schedule. Instead, the Air Force’s X-37B unmanned spaceplane will hitch a ride on an Atlas rocket in […]

It’s Official: Water on Mars!

NASA confirmed today that a soil sample collected Wednesday by the Phoenix Mars Lander contained frozen water, or as we like to call it, “ice”. More tests are still to be done, and for now NASA’s saying that there are no traces of living material in the water, but they’re also saying that there’s a […]