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Rumor from Across the Pond: iPhone Nano for Christmas

Start writing that letter to Santa, or at least to his people. According to the Daily Mail in the UK, Apple will release an iPhone Nano later this year, in time for Christmas, that will have a form factor similar to the just-about-to-be-revised iPod Nano and a somewhat stripped-down feature set. They continue that it […]

iPhone Releases Cripple iTunes, Anger Israelis

Outside the Deer Park Apple Store today, there were about 150 people in line already when I got there at 7:45am. Right behind me was a family from Israel…I didn’t really talk to them, so I’m not sure if they lived here too, were just visiting, etc. But they were obviously pretty excited about getting […]

Openmoko Freerunner Available to the Public

So there’s this company called Google that’s been working on a (sort of)¬†open mobile phone platform thingie called Android and they say it’s gonna be a big deal. And when I say “they” I don’t mean the “they” who typically say things. You know, like “They say that you can catch the bird flu from […]

AT&T Reveals iPhone 3G Rate Plans

Official word has hit the street on pricing for iPhone 3G plans. See the pix above to find out how hard you’ll have to squeeze the piggy bank each month starting a week from Friday. If your finger hurts hurts too much to click the thumbnails, here’s the lowdown on the range of pricing: 450 […]

HTC Touch Pro to Go Multi-Carrier

According to PhoneArena, the HTC Touch Pro will be available on both Sprint and Verizon, so people wanting a snazzy new touchphone without having to jump carriers can rejoice. And get on with their lives until it’s actually available.

Nokia Introduces Supernova Phones for The Ladies

Nokia announced today a swanky new line of mobiles for the fairer sex (that would be women, just FYI) called Supernova. Well, they didn’t really announce that they’re for women, and in fact specifically mentioned men, but that’s probably only for the dudes who see the 7610 Supernova, think it’s really cool looking, then read […]

Hands on with the Samsung Instinct

If you’re one of the 37,467,199 people sick of hearing the media talk about “iPhone killers”, then take heart in the fact that there’s one less such device that’ll be talked about in the press from this point forward. Today is a big day for Samsung and Sprint as they released the much-ballyhooed Samsung Instinct […]

iPhone 3G Announcement: The Aftermath

For Apple and, in particular, iPhone fanboys, June 9th was a day among days. The excitement was not only palpable on the various gadget, iPhone and Apple sites, it was specifically discussed: A site I visited that was streaming live video coverage of Apple’s WWDC 2008 featured three guys, one of whom asked the question […]