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Guild Wars 2 Exclusive: A Few Questions with Mike O’Brien

I got in touch with ArenaNet head honcho Mike O’Brien &  designer / writier Ree Soesbee to get some clarification on some of the new info about GW2 that’s come out of Gamescom in the last couple of days. They were kind enough to get back to us pretty quickly, despite being knee deep in the GC […]

Guild Wars 2: A Few More Details

From the interview with the GW2 team over at Eurogamer, we’ve gleaned a few more details on GW2: There will be crafting! The entire quest system will be based on ArenaNet’s new events system, so there won’t be the familiar exclamation points above quest-givers’ heads anymore. This is sounding more like a cross between a […]

Champions Online Pre-Order Offer

If you’re one of the many people looking forward to Cryptic’s Champions Online MMO, make sure you consider the pre-order offer they’ve got going on right now. If you buy either a lifetime ($199.99) or 6-month ($59.99) subscription, you’ll get a few fun perks, such as: Access to the Star Trek Online Close Beta scheduled […]

Wonderland Online Looks So Crazy That We Just Might Play It

Flying saucers as mounts! Elephant gods! Egyptian acrobats! VW Beetles! Convenience store shopping! Words cannot do this Chinese-deleveloped MMORPG justice, so you’ll have to look at the pictures. In closed Beta right now, but we just may have to play this one, if for no other reason than the refreshing change of pace that a […]