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This Week In…Refrigerators?

Hey, don’t laugh! The refrigerator is largely responsible for you not getting food poisoning, botulism, scurvy,¬†conjuctivitis, sprained ankles¬†and a whole host of other nasty gastrointestinal havoc wreakers. Yet, while many technophiles would happily jump to spending $2k on a new, cool laptop, the lowly fridge is usually only replaced when we move or remodel. So […]

Fingertongs Protect Fingers & Knuckles, Jeopardize Guests’ Tolerance for Repetitive Silliness

The Fingertongs, from fusionbrands, are a pretty nice idea: A wearable duckbill-looking silicone kitchen gadget that allows you to use your hands rather directly to move, pick up, turn or serve all manner of piping hot culinary treats rather than having to resort to the use of those tired old “regular” tongs. Provided your definition […]