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Ericsson, Sony Ericsson to Star in Quantum of Solace, Your Spy Fantasies

“Right! Now listen up, double-0-7, because this mobile has one or two rather special features!” Ahh, he may be gone, but Desmond Llewelyn will never be forgotten as the perpetually-mistrusting Q, now, will he? I can just hear him in my head explaining the Sony Ericsson C902 Titanium Silver edition phone that’ll be prominently featured […]

Casino Royale Blu-Ray Double Dip. Shocking, Positively Shocking.

Ok, so maybe that line doesn’t go with this movie, but the film does bear the distinction of being the first Blu-Ray double-dip, having already been released on the format previously. The new disc will sport hours of new features, BD-Live content and an e-ticket for the next Bond film, Quantum of Solace. I’m not […]