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Indy 5 In the Works…From Fox?

Even before the ridiculousness that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was in theaters, there was buzz on the blogosphere that an Indy 5 wasn’t out of the question. I think most of us assumed, of course, that Indy 4 would have to do well or be well-received in order for […]

LEGOLAND Goes Green. And Tall.

Do you yearn for the good ol’ days in LEGOLAND? No, I don’t mean the amusement park in Denmark. I’m talking about the real deal. The Town sets that LEGO released between ’78 and about ’96 when everything started to get “juniorized”. If you’ve fallen into your second Dark Ages because of a lack of […]

Indy 4 Pop-Tarts Packaging Includes Dubious Warnings, Missing Important Ones

I’m a fan of entertainment-themed snacks. We probably still have a few boxes of Pac-Man Cereal around here somewhere (Note: “stays crispy in milk” does NOT apply after 25 years). So I was eager to smack down some hard-earned cash for this box of “Printed Fun” Pop-Tarts with everybody’s favorite swashbuckling archaeologist. And then I […]