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Cardboard Computer Case Concept Inspires Headlines With Many Cs

Over at core77.com they had themselves a contest. A contest in which participants were asked to create greener gadgets. You may have seen, for instance, the printer that uses coffee grounds as the basis for printing rather than ink?¬† Well, this design by U.S. designer Brenden Macaluso is really making buzz. I mean, I certainly […]

Asus Bamboo Notebook Lets You Feel Good While It Looks Good

I’m a big fan of incorporating bamboo into everyday products. Well, not all everyday products. Bubble gum, for instance, would be a bad one. But I digress… Just as Dell did with their Studio Hybrid mini computer, Asus has clad their Bamboo Series notebooks in the versatile grass. The high-end version features a 12.1″ screen […]

The Fruity Little PC That, Uh, Might…

Amid all the chatter about Asus’ Eee PC mega-lineup, the Dell Studio Hybrid¬†and any other of the myriad netbooks and mini green PCs in the news these days, it’s easy to overlook the CherryPal Desktop. And the little system, without a screen, keyboard or mouse, is having its share of problems despite the fact that […]

Dell’s Studio Hybrid is Here in Rainbow Colors. And Grass.

If you’re looking for a PC to distinguish yourself from the crowd and the HP TouchSmart is too big for your space, consider Dell’s spiffy new Studio Hybrid. A wee little thing at just 7.7″ tall, 8.3″ deep and 2.8″ wide, it’s 80% smaller than a standard desktop PC and uses 70% less power than […]