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2010 Honda Insight Gives You The Hybrid Warm’N’Fuzzies For A Few Grand Less Than A Prius

Ok, I’m still not sure why dedicated hybrid cars from Japan must have this basic shape (very similar to the Prius and, fortunately, not nearly as goofy looking as the previous Insight), but for those of you wanting an alternative to Toyota’s Prius, that alternative will soon be available, for thousands of dollars less than […]

Mio’s Moov 380 Also a Cell Phone

Mio has announced what they’re calling the “lightest connected PND on the market”. That would be Personal Navigation Device for those of you not up on your Buzzword Bingoâ„¢. And what it means is that the Moov 380 can act like a cell phone that’s also acting like a web browser. Cuz it’ll do all […]

Garmin Improves GPS for Fido

Garmin, maker of all-things GPSy, announced a new canine collar, the Astro DC 30, to go along with their Astro 220 Dog Tracking System. With a 7 mile range and a 17-36 hour battery life, the Astro DC 30 will tell you, according to Garmin’s literature, where your dog is, where it’s been, how fast […]