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Finally! The Pac-Man-Inspired Furniture We Never Knew We Needed!

In my dream home, there is an arcade. And in that arcade, there will be a Pac-Man machine: The game so many of us became addicted to while listening to bad ’80s rock in mostly darkened arcades. But unlike those spartanly-decorated amusement parlors of yore, my dream home arcade will definitely have some of these […]

Plunk Your Butt in a Chair Designed by Pininfarina

Riggs Product Group is selling a Pininfarina-designed ergonomic office chair for the hefty price of about $3k (currently on sale for just $2k!), no doubt reached in part by what it must have cost them to get Pininfarina to do the design. While the chairs do look cool, the fact that they have wheels does […]

Quick! Sit on Your Living Lounge Chair…Before It Eats Your Kids!

In my post on the not-to-be-released-soon TRON 2, I mentioned how kids are convinced that their toys come alive at night. Well, so must Joel Green, who thunk up and built this fabulous lounge chair. Not only does it look like it might come alive at night, but that it just might stay that way all […]