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Advertising Fail: Build With Windows 7

I was reading an article on ZDNet a little while ago and noticed this ad from Microsoft for Windows 7, in which they try to convince you that moving your development to Windows 7 is a good idea by showing you what is, presumably, a big company who’s doing just that. Unfortunately, it would seem […]

Stunt Driver for Nicolas Cage Crashes Ferrari, Sbarro; Injures 2

Yipes! So, Cage is filming a movie called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. In it, he’s apparently driving a Ferrari. A Ferrari which, in real life, was being driven through Times Square by a stunt driver who lost control on the slippery street and crashed head-first into the front of a Sbarro. Now, I realize their pizza […]

Note to Apple: Fire your Backup Programmers, Get New Ones

I would love to report on the greatness of the iPhone 3G’s 2.1 firmware update, but I can’t, because for the last hour-plus, the little status bar showing backup progress has been running. My backup has never taken an hour. I also don’t think that the 9GB of data on my iPhone would even come […]