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Nikon D90: First DSLR to Shoot HD Video

Nikon’s forthcoming D90 has been officially unveiled and the Next Big Thing has as well: That being that it’ll shoot 720p (or 1080i) HD video. The thought of being able to swap out lenses on an HD video camera is pretty sweet in and of itself, but coupled with the fact that you’re also doing […]

Canon 50D Set for October Release

The speculation can finally end, now that Canon’s officially announced the 50D. The price for the body only is set at $1,399, and a new lens, an 18mm-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS unit, will go for $699. Both will be available in October. Other highlights include a DIGIC 4 processor, ISO up to 12,800, 3″ display with […]

Canon 50D Specs Leaked on Chinese Website

I guess somebody was distracted by them there Olympics, cuz they hit a button they shouldn’ta hit and all of a sudden, BANG, official specs for the 50D appeared out of nowhere as if by magic. Or by accident. And then like so many dashed Olympic dreams (assuming you’re not Michael Phelps, who you’re probably […]

Hasselblad Introduces 50MP Camera, Frightens Actresses Everywhere

True, it may look like half of a two-piece video camera system from 1980, but this is actually¬†a 50MP camera…enough mega detail to show that people’s pores have pores and their wrinkles have wrinkles. You’d better enjoy seeing super-detailed pictures of flowers and buildings and fluffy bunnies, because I can’t imagine many celebrities would allow […]