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Dell’s Adamo Laptop Looks Rrrrrrazor-Sharp, Cool; Price Will Cause Agita

Ok, so there’s no denying that Dell’s Adamo laptop, in either Pearl or Onyx, is incredibly cool-looking. And it’s got a decent feature set, even in the base model. In addition, Dell’s done a pretty nice job of making matching peripherals – for both color versions – to create a brand, rather than just a […]

Dell Precision Workstation M4400: Good Specs, Cool Looks

Dell’s Precision Workstation M4400 is available for order on Dell’s website now, and we have to say, this is a pretty cool looking laptop with it’s high-tech industrial design. And we always loves us some eSATA on a laptop. Dig. Hit the clicky thingie for specs & pricing.

Dell’s Studio Hybrid is Here in Rainbow Colors. And Grass.

If you’re looking for a PC to distinguish yourself from the crowd and the HP TouchSmart is too big for your space, consider Dell’s spiffy new Studio Hybrid. A wee little thing at just 7.7″ tall, 8.3″ deep and 2.8″ wide, it’s 80% smaller than a standard desktop PC and uses 70% less power than […]