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Miley Cyrus to Ink Half a BILLION Dollar Deal to Play…Gidget?

See the young lady on the surfboard above? That would be Miley Cyrus. Or Hannah Montana as a gajillion kiddies know her and love her. A source last night informed pause.com that the young Ms. Cyrus may be involved in a six-picture deal to play Gidget (made famous in a 1959 film by Sandra Dee, and […]

pause.com Deal Alert: Hell Freezes Over, Best Buy Saves You $50 – $100 on iPhone 3G

Well if you thought you’d never see the iPhone go on sale, think again. Best Buy has the iPhone 3G on sale for one week only. All you have to do to get the sale price is be a member of their Reward Zone program, and that’ll save you $50 off of either the 8GB […]

pause.com Deal Alert: Samsung CLP-315 Color Laser Printer w/2-Year Warranty for $175

I’ve never used one of these, but come on, it’s Samsung! And it’s small for a color laser: just 15.3″ x 12.3″ x 9.6″. The paper cassette holds 150 sheets, which ain’t too shabby either. Spotted at the Office Depot down the street, this deal doesn’t seem to be available on their website (but correct […]

Universal Bails on DreamWorks Distribution Deal; Disney Might Pick Up the Pieces

Last October, DreamWorks exited their distribution relationship with Paramount and inked a deal with Universal instead, the details of which are rather boring. Suffice to say, though, that Universal’s announcement today that the deal = not so much anymore is a blow to DreamWorks (since it included marketing $ to the tune of half a […]

Amazon Sells 80GB PS3 for $349.98, Makes it That Much Harder for You To Be a Non-Blu-ray-Owning Loser

How’s that for sales & marketing tactics? $349 for a Blu-ray player so good, Criterion uses it as their reference standard. And oh, lookie, there’s a next-gen gaming system built-in! How thoughtful of Sony. Plus, Tony will be your best friend if you get Little Big Planet and play it online together. Seriously. Amazon