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After Years, Finally a Fourth Gaming Console

True, it may be for BRIC and other emerging markets, but that doesn’t take away from the fantastic achievement that is the Zeebo game console. While relatively low-tech in terms of its gaming specs (it outputs 640×480 graphics via RCA cables), the system has a very contemporary game delivery system, using a free 3G service […]

Amazon Sells 80GB PS3 for $349.98, Makes it That Much Harder for You To Be a Non-Blu-ray-Owning Loser

How’s that for sales & marketing tactics? $349 for a Blu-ray player so good, Criterion uses it as their reference standard. And oh, lookie, there’s a next-gen gaming system built-in! How thoughtful of Sony. Plus, Tony will be your best friend if you get Little Big Planet and play it online together. Seriously. Amazon

Wii + Time = ???

So Nintendo has outed themselves as working on a new console. Some might question the sanity in this since the Wii is still hard to find off and on. On the other hand, Nintendo is lagging behind Sony and MS in terms of hardware specs / graphics capabilities. So what will their next console be? […]