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Honda, Subaru Reveal Very Different, Very Interesting Concepts Ahead of Tokyo Motor Show

There are few things as fun in the automotive world as reveals of concept cars. Often they come with vast amounts of hope that the concepts will someday see the light of day, and usually with as few changes as possible. Both Honda and Subaru have unveiled new concepts in advance of the Tokyo Motor […]

Caddy’s Green Converj Gets Green Light, But Maybe No Green

If you’ve visited an auto show recently where the Converj was on display, you were probably at least a little bit wowed by its styling, even if it’s not a car you’d want to drive yourself. Done up as a concept and unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January, the Converj is GM’s way […]

Lamborghini ‘Estoque’ Four-Door Shown in Full

While the rumored name has changed from ‘Urus’ to ‘Estoque’, this Lamborghini sedan concept has only gotten more exciting. Thanks to some French car website, we now have full-on shots of the car. It looks better from some angles than others, but like most Lamborghinis, I imagine to see one on the street will be […]

New Exotic / Concept Car Roundup Makes Us Want to Rob Banks

As if there wasn’t already too much cool shiznit available on which to spend all the money we don’t have, along come stories like these below to heap another gazillion dollars worth of driveable fantasies on our poor shoulders.┬áHit the clicky thingie to see my least- to most-favorite of this group: