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Audi Displays a Hit-&-Miss Concept in the e-tron

Yes, it looks like an overgrown TT or an R8 without the blade. The grille is a bit scary, although I dig the headlights. The wheels suck. There’s no rear window (and I don’t like what’s in its place). But then there’s that tail end and those taillights. Holy cow, that is a thing of […]

After 50 years we get a cool new mini

For the 50 year birthday of the Mini cooper they have reviled the car that they say will compete with the Audi TT. It starts out with chopping off the top and and making it a soft top. Under the hood they put a 211 horsepower 1.6 liter engine  and stiffened suspension.  I really like […]

T3’s 01 Phone Update Revealed…Looking Even Better!

As you know, we jumped on the story of T3’s “secret” 01 Phone project when they first posted a mysterious entry about it a few months back. And we were delighted to learn that they actually had a desire to produce it, working with design firm The Alloy, and asking interested parties to sign a […]

Cargo Scooter Concept Brings New Shape to Classic Vehicle

Oft-ridiculed in the U.S. for being girlier than a hot pink VW Cabrio, mopeds and scooters are typically shunned for bigger, more powerful motorcycles here. Across the pond and in Asia, however, they’re not only abundant, but a good choice in the crowded, narrow streets found in many of the countries there. And Elliot Ortiz […]