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Apple Refreshes Mac Lineup

Here’s the press release, which says it all, but wow, a 27″ iMac? That’s large. Other new things: Wireless Magic Mouse (dumb name) and available i5 / i7 processors, which is good. Hit the clicky thingie to read the full release…

Microsoft’s Arc Mouse Now In More Colors

Microsoft’s foldy Arc Mouse has been a hit ever since it first surfaced last year. I’ve gotten three of these for various laptops for myself, family and friends. It works well, the transmitter is small and easy to store on the backside of the mouse’s tail before folding it up and slipping it into its […]

Onkyo’s Sotec Media PC Three-Ups iMac

It’s only available in Japan and it ain’t cheap, but Onkyo’s Sotec all-in-one PC packs a nice trio of features you won’t find on an iMac (four if you count Windows): a TV tuner, a Blu-ray burner and an iPod dock. More info, specs & pricing after the clicky thingie…

Crazy Laptops Make Us Smile

You know, with all the talk of netbooks and mobile phones as computing platforms of late, we were getting a bit nostalgic for good, ol’ fashioned laptop computers. Thankfully, a couple of said devices have surfaced in the last few days that are turning our frown upside down. From Bentley / Ego comes this super-exclusive (250 […]