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Automotive Teasing, European Style

It’s bad enough being in Chicago, where the annual Auto Show is little more than a pre-sales experience. But to know that the Paris Motor Show is just around the corner, and that it’ll be host to these three cars, which are infinitely cooler than anything shown off here this past year, is just tragic. […]

2011 Chevy Cruze Isn’t Hideous

Here are a few pix of the 2011 Chevy Cruze. Visually, I don’t really like the silly split-grille design aped from the current Malibu, nor do I appreciate the chromed bar on the back. The Chevy logo is too big, and for heaven’s sake why on earth is it gold?! Those elements aside, the Cruze […]

Citroen C6 Office: Another Cool Euro Sedan We Can’t Have :(

Aaaah, Citro├źn. I’ve been fascinated by the French icons ever since first seeing them during a family trip to France in the late ’70s. Of course the 2CV was ubiquitous, but it was, at the time, the CX Pallas that really intrigued me, with its slanted rear wheel cover and dreamy hydropneumatic suspension. There was […]

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport…Cuz the Original Was Too Pedestrian

If you’re like us, you’ve been sitting around on your 150-foot megayacht sipping mai tais and silently cursing the fact that your Bugatti Veyron is just too…commonplace. I mean, you can’t go two years without seeing another one on the street, am I right?! And if you’re like us, you then wake up from this […]

BMW Unveils 5th Generation 7 Series Sans “Ugly Bump”

The BMW design language over the last half-decade has been controversial to say the least. Not least among their design sins is what I call the “ugly bump” on the current 7 series…that place where the trunk lid rolls off to the sides to hit an abrupt new angle jutting out to the car’s outside, […]