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AT&T Reveals iPhone 3G Rate Plans

Official word has hit the street on pricing for iPhone 3G plans. See the pix above to find out how hard you’ll have to squeeze the piggy bank each month starting a week from Friday. If your finger hurts hurts too much to click the thumbnails, here’s the lowdown on the range of pricing: 450 […]

Possibly Bogus Info with More-Bogus Photo re: iPhone MMS

Gizmodo says that Boy Genius says that iPhone Atlas says that AT&T says that the iPhone will have MMS. What’s funny is that the screenshots circulating regarding this suspicious news don’t appear with the original story on iPhone Atlas. I’m not including links to any of them because, you know, it’s fun to make people […]

Blackberry Bold to Hit AT&T in August

Word on the street from places like Gizmodo, Boy Genius and Betanews is that the Blackberry Bold will be made available through AT&T in August. The Bold (aka 9000) is a very nice looking piece of tech. It’s curvy. And curves look nice. On tech. Anyway, check out RIM’s video of the Blackberry Bold in action.