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Episode 25: The pause.com Entertainment Podcast

Episode 25 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live! NOTE: To subscribe to the pause.com Entertainment Podcast on iTunes Click here to open iTunes to our podcast, then click the SUBSCRIBE button. In this episode: In Video Games, Tony talks about Ragdoll Blaster on the iPhone. Lou talks about Fallout 3‘s latest DLC, Point Lookout, as well as the Beta of […]

Universal Picks Up Film Rights to Asteroids; Likely Won’t Shoot in Vectorscope

Yes, that’s right folks, Universal has picked up the rights to Atari’s 1978 breakout vectorscope classic Asteroids. As. A. Movie. Lorenzo DiBonaventura (G.I. Joe) will produce, so we know there’ll be action. And rocks. And spaceships. And hyperspace. And triangles. Here’s to hoping that they do the smart thing and also get the rights to Buckner […]