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Best Buy Selling Non-Existent TVs…Get Yours While They Last!

Popping onto Best Buy’s web site tonight to look at some DECT phones, I saw the above on their home page, including that there picture of an impossible TV. Yes, that screen has an aspect ratio of 2:1. I can understand the reason for a little Photoshopery from time to time to spruce up a […]

Advertising Fail: Build With Windows 7

I was reading an article on ZDNet a little while ago and noticed this ad from Microsoft for Windows 7, in which they try to convince you that moving your development to Windows 7 is a good idea by showing you what is, presumably, a big company who’s doing just that. Unfortunately, it would seem […]

The Downside of Digital Publishing

You gotta love templates. They make creating things over and over again a lot faster and easier. But they also introduce the possibility for some issues. Sometimes I’ll create a letterhead file in Word and then save over it with an actual letter, which is bad, because next time I use my letterhead template, I […]